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**Reviews are done on a release basis, so look back for updates.
The current reviews are:
Giving Chase - 2 songs (May 2001)
Enamel-  Sexy Wreck (April 2001)
Alkaline Trio- From Here to Infirmary(April 2001)
Thursday - Full Collapse (June 2001)

- if you want your band reviewed go to the e-mail contacts section to get more info. If you also want something you love to be listened to and reviewed then go ahead and let me know what it is and I'll see if I can find it. Also I promise whatever you send I will listen to and if I like you well enough then I will I will give you an honest review and help you get a show if I can.
Reviews should be sent to:
Call it Five Online
c/o Collin Hattaway
625 W. Orlando # 307
Normal, IL 61761