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Thursday - Full Collapse (June 2001)(VR145)
Go buy it NOW!!! Holy shit!!! Maim, kill, all short of laying out your boss and find this record. This what most people would call "emo-core." It's tracks like "Understanding In a Car Crash" and "A Hole in the World." Layered guitars supply a rhythmic, jangly, thought-provoking overtone and then it hits you, like a small woodland creature getting hit by an 18-wheeler, they rip into disturbingly chaotic and decibel enhanced chords only lonely, old men living in the far reaches of the western deserts as they ponder their livliehood, imagine in their heads. Their singer makes a point with an on again/off again-key while he's backed up by a guitarist who's heard the voice in Exorcist too many times. It is awesome. Much like Planes Mistaken For Stars (deep elm), They're harmonies are a sick and twisted way of love and hate kicking the shit out of each other. The drums and bass, roam around in the background, reminding you that they are there and willing to come out and frighten when they need too. Recently moved from EyeBall Records to the ever progressive Victory Records (a smart pick up by the way) and pushing a US tour, they are getting awesome reviews for their live show. it's definitely worth your time, money and life.