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    Alk3 has released yet another amazing LP. I mean holy shit!!! They spent the last few months in the colds of Minnesota with Matt Allison using his amazing and classic producing abilities to put forth their crowning achievement. I remember when For Your Lungs Only (Asian Man Records) came out so long ago and falling in love with this new act from Chicago. Following with Godammit LP(Asian Man Records), then next with I Lied My Face Off EP(AMR) followed up by the amazing Maybe I'll Catch Fire LP(AMR). Now they have released their newest effort From Here To Infirmary (VR) along with the Hell Yes EP (Lookout Records) featuring 2 vinyl-only songs that rock as hard as the new album. It starts off with Private Eye a blazing, creepy and anthemic song which leads you to the infirmary they are talking about driving you crazy with awesome tune after another. The singing is amazing, alone it could take you on an emotional journey. This is definitley more of a Matt Skiba (guitars/vocals) album, with him writing more of the songs and the hookier songs at that like Steamer Trunk and You're Dead. But Danny, formerly of Tuesday and Slapstick has been writing killer stuff since he joined a few years ago. Songs like Crawl and Another Innocent Girl have that classic voice and bass playing that we never get enough of. Mike Felumlee, formerly of the Smoking Popes, the most recent additon to the lineup on drums has proven himself in my eyes. I was skeptical of him at first, replacing Glenn Porter would be a big job after he left under rumors of problems with tour-mates Jets to Brazil. He has the emotion and talent in drums not seen often. Felumlee fits right in with sound and emotion that is Alkaline Trio.
    Overall this album is worth every damn penny you have. This is the most original band I have heard in a long time. Don't hold your breath though: the punk scene might be losing these sons of Chicago soon. In May they're off to tour with Blink-182, yup that's right, lack of talent and unoriginality itself. They may be off to big labels soon or they might stay within the home realm. Opinions differ on character and intentions but character aside and music first, this band is amazing and deserves all the rewards they get.

Visit them at Alkaline