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Wow! This the first release of a band from Central Illinois (Springfield and Bloomington to be exact). They've been together for while now and they've been playing all the shows they can get their neo-rock sound on to. The three piece is an astounding new sound that can't be compared. This four song EP was recorded in Kevin Wasmer's basement (guitar/lead vocals) and produced and engineered by them. They used their own equipment and made one hell of a piece that sounds like an expensive studio recording. It has some of the most impressing bass work I've heard in a long time from Micah Hattaway. He works that long neck like it should be. The guitars are layered with awesome effects and there's even some impressive Spanish guitar parts that are true to a new sound all their own. These guys are finished off by a drumer, Chad Sibert, who is holding this trio together with solid and intensive beats that make you wanna dance...on the head of a raver. It starts off with Settling, a mixture of NWA and Nine Inch Nails. It reminds one of when music had an attitude but still had a pop sensibility.  I'm Always Right I think, is the best track they've got featured on the release. It sounds like Jim Morrison is back. Awesomely deep lyrics with a voice to drive it home. This song makes you think of early Pink Floyd and Alkaline Trio with voice of the Lizard King combining to define a new genre. This thing is awesome. It makes you sing along, dance and fucking scream. This is one of the best releases I've heard in a long time from any type of music out there.
Get a hold of them at the Enamel website

Track listing:
1. Settling
2. Fly in Amber
3. I'm Always Right
4. Tiger By the Toe