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Giving Chase - 2 misc songs

Okay so here it is, i only got two songs. The first is called, Almost Half Full. I can't say that this band is doing anything revolutionary with punk rock. The singing is below par and frankly pretty annoying. It is always off key and random. i know one shouldn't be a hard ass when it comes to a music that was based on breaking the rules but this isn't breaking anything except my eardrums.  It's just the same old pop punk voice that has been rehashed so many times I want to cry. The music isn't much either, it's about the same as the singing. The recording is fairly good though. On the other, Arctors Dillemma. This one was too much, off key singing and some goddamn guitar that was doing something really annoying the whole time the song was playing. I am  going to stop here before i get anybody anymore pissed at me. I know I am blunt but I am sorry that's what we do here: tell what we think and feel. This band is talented but they're putting there effort towards a music that's been done a zillion times and it's getting old, plus they don't really seem like they know what they're doing. Maybe I'm wrong and just a big asshole, you decide for yourself, go to their website and listen for yourself, I am not gonna be Ben Weasel and pretend I know everything.

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